We know running a startup is hard. But with your tribe, it doesn't have to be.

What is StartUp Tribe?

Running a startup is hard: long nights, lonely days, lots of ups and downs. Where do you turn for guidance and support?

StartUp Tribe helps you build a tribe of people around you and your startup. This small group of people, like a family, use StartUp Tribe to support and encourage you. In return, you keep them up to date with your triumphs and your setbacks.

Accountability, Encouragement and Support. Build Your Tribe.

StartUp Tribe Features

accountability calendar

Share your milestones and goals. It’s fine to take a break here and there and recharge. But, sometimes it’s too easy to descend into a weeks of binge-watching your favorite series. Your Tribe will hold you accountable to getting to your goals on time.

Your Tribe is there to help and encourage you. With smart reminders, StartUp Tribe reminds them to check in on you and see how you’re doing. Words of wisdom, encouraging thoughts, probably a cat picture or two, you’ll know they have your back.

encourage with coffee
supporting people

Not every decision is easy. Sometimes, you need the support of your Tribe. StartUp Tribe offers the ability for you to ask for help from your Tribe using Q+A and Polls. In the end, it’s your decision. But, sometimes it’s nice to talk things out and get a little support.

StartUp Tribe core membership will always be free. But, since you run a startup, you probably have the same question: how do we make money? Two ways: non-targeted sponsored ads (we value privacy) and premium tiers in the future. In this way, you’re our tribe: you’ll let us know what other features you need.

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